Get involved with Village Signs

Adding to the Series

Your cache can be any type and any size from nano to large.

I ask that the sign shows the history, culture or events of that village
(so not a 'Welcome to....' or ‘Best kept’ Sign)

If you are unsure if your chosen sign fits this description, you could take a picture and send it to me, and I can advise you.

Request a number

It's really easy to request a number for your Village Sign cache - Simply head on over to our new request form and fill in all the fields. Please let us know which town/village you are hiding your cache at and as many details about the sign location as possible.

The cache page

Please note that the cache page must be named in the format which is supplied to you. An example is below:

VS #1234 - Walmington-on-Sea

The info on the page is also up to you, but a bit of history about the village and a picture is recommended but not required.

A paragraph about the Village Sign Series should be included. Depending on whether you are using HTML or not in the cache web page, please use the following text from one of the three options below.

Bottom of cache page all-in-one:


HTML Option:


Top of cache page:

HTML Option:
Plain Text option:


Bottom of cache page:

HTML Option:
Plain Text option: