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Village signs is a UK based series of geocaches based on the ornate signs that depict the heritage, history and culture of the villages that put them up (generally on the village green!).

We currently have 1953 Caches and 194995 Found Logs, 11683 Did Not Finds and 106 Cachers attending Events in our database

The signs can be made of different materials from fibreglass to wood, from forged steel to stone. They can depict anything from local industry to historical events. The tradition probably stated in Norfolk or Suffolk and has now spread across most of the country.

The beginning of the tradition of Village signs is likely to have been Edward VII adding a sign to the Sandringham Estate to help motorists to find places of interest. Other members of the Royal family expanded this, it then spread to the mainstream when the Daily Mail ran a national completion where winners would win £200, a fair amount of money for 1920.

I hope you enjoy the series and this site. If you wish to add to the series, please click on ‘get involved’ tab at the top of the page. Happy caching!